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M6 Zinc Flanged nut - with serration

Commonly used in many Automotive applications
Fits the following body bolts:
CB1-25 Black Uni M6/10mm Hex Bolt & Washer - Pkt 25

Serrated flange nuts are hex flange nuts with a serrated bearing surface. The nut turns freely until the serrations contact and displace material on the mating surface as the nut is tightened; less torque is needed to install than remove because the gripping action of the serrations create a ratchet-type locking feature that is resistant to vibration. The protruding circular flange increases the bearing surface of the nut allowing it to be used with irregular and oversized holes.



M6 Zinc Self Locking Flanged Nut - Pkt 25

SKU: CN6-25
GST Included
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