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The Quarter Cutter™ - 89cm (35in)
GT Tools® took the functionality of a long knife and transcended it into a new design that’s ready to devour adhesive. The Quarter Cutter™ excels in cutting hard to reach corners and is perfect for quarter glass! Made from a durable aluminium body and knurled steel handle, this tool can be driven through the adhesive using a pushing motion; if that’s not good enough, use the Power Handle and a rubber mallet to slice through crusty old adhesive!


Quick-Change Blade Design
The Quarter Cutter™ was engineered with a quick change blade design that accepts only GT Tools® range of blades. This design allows a specialist to slide the blade into the receiving end of the handle, locking securely in place.

The Quarter Cutter™ is manufactured from 31mm (1.25") x 6mm (0.25") 6061 aluminium with a total length of 890mm (35") for extended reach. The aluminium is tapered where the blade secures into the tool allowing the bar stock to easily slide into the adhesive.


Supplied with 1 x LKQTR75 75mm wide blade.


LKQTR38 38mm wide blade also fits this tool.

GT Tools® 35" Quarter Cutter™

GST Included
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