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GT Tools’ Headlight Magic™ PRO Kit is perfect for any headlight restoration professional or automotive-related service shop.


Do you want to add headlight restoration as an additional service, restoring your customer's headlights on their vehicle quickly? Each kit includes everything needed to restore up to 80 sets of headlights. That's less than $11 per vehicle!


No power tools needed and no need to mask/tape bonnet or bumper! A great time saver. In just 10 minutes:


STEP 1:  Spray Headlight Magic on the lens

STEP 2:  Scrub lens with the sanding block

STEP 3: Clean lens with cloth/rag & water

STEP 4: Wipe on 3-year Titanium Stay Clear UV Coating


This product is for removing haze and oxidation, which covers the vast majority of discoloured headlights.

GT Tools® Headlight Magic™ PRO Kit

GST Included
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