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Welcome to the Dark Side. The GT Tools® DarkCure™ Extreme UV Rechargeable LED Curing system is the most powerful windshield repair resin curing system available. Built on GT's DarkCure™ Technology platform, knock your curing times down to 15 seconds and go mobile without the hassle of cables.


Sub-15 Second DarkCure™ Extreme UV LED Curing System
DarkCure™ technology allows the technician to cure a repair in under 15 seconds, more than 2x quicker than the leading competing UV Curing Device. These diodes are so powerful that we include UV protective glasses with every lamp.


Extreme Intensity UV Diodes
6 of the strongest commercially available 365nm UV LED diodes Output 400% more intensity than the VANISH™ UV Curing system, promoting nearly immediate cross-linking and polymerization in the resin curing process. Faster Curing, Stronger Results.


Compact, Simple, and Powerful
The DarkCure™ system is housed in an ergonomic 6061-T6 aluminium enclosure. Rock-solid suction cups anchor the tool to the glass.


350+ Repairs or 3+ hours of Continuous Run Time on a single charge
The DarkCure™ integrated Lithium Ion Battery will last approximately 350 repairs before needing to be recharged. 1 hr Charging is as easy as plugging the DarkCure™ Lamp into an outlet with the included charger.


Long-Lasting Power + 3 Year Warranty
Our LED technology employs cutting edge durability, with an LED lifespan of over 150,000 repairs. The DarkCure™ System also comes with a 3-year no-hassle warranty on all electronics.

GT Tools® DarkCure™ UV Rechargeable LED Curing Lamp

GST Included
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