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DiamondClear™ GREY HV is a high-viscosity windshield repair resin for use in hot weather, especially in bulls-eyes and combination breaks. Grey tint offers a cured refractive index that more closely matches that of tinted glass in that specific color.


However, DO NOT use DiamondClear™ GREY HV when radial cracks exceed 13mm (1/2"). In such cases, use DiamondClear™ MV resin. Ideal temperature range is greater than 29°C (85°F).


British Standard Institute (BSI) Tested.

DiamondClear™ 15ml GREY (HV) High Viscosity Repair Resin

GST Included
    • High Viscosity
    • Acrylic Acid-free
    • Used with bullseyes and Combo Breaks
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