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27 Years ago, GT Tools patented the Eliminator; the first fully computerized windshield repair system ever available. In 2021, they released the Wizard™ Smart Windshield Repair System. The most advanced and user-friendly windshield repair system ever developed, the Wizard™ is Fully Automated (or can be set manually), Lightweight, and super easy to use.


This system automates the vacuum and pressure cycles for you, allowing you to work on other repair/removal work and simply come back to apply pit fill resin, mylar and switch on the curing lamp built into the bridge.


Great for doing fleet work or when you have multiple repairs/replacements at the same location.


The kit includes all the resins and tools you need for professional, repaeatable quality repairs, as well as the UV LED DarkCure lamp with an industry leading 15 second cure time.

Wizard™ Smart Windscreen Repair System

GST Included
  • 1 WIZMACH Wizard Machine
    1 WIZIA Wizard Injector Assembly
    1 VBRG Vanish UV Curing Bridge
    1 WIZIQC Wizard Injector Quick Connect Assembly
    1 CDRL Cordless Dremel Drill
    1 LMP-DARKCURE DARKCURE Extreme UV Rechargeable UV Curing System
    1 PRB Carbide Probe
    1 RZR Razor Blades10 Pack
    1 PITT Pit Tape
    1 PITSQ Pit Squares 25 Pack
    1 SCL Suction Cup Lube
    1 PITG Pit Gloss
    2 DBM Medium Drill Bits 5 Pack
    1 MIR-2 Magnifying Mirror 2 Inch
    1 SKB Seal Box
    2 VIS Vanish Injector Seals 5 Pack
    2 WIZQCS Wizard Quick Connect Seal Each
    2 VFS Vanish Friction Seal 2 Pack
    1 WIZCHGR Wizard 16.8V Charger
    2 CJ Crack Jacks
    1 NC Needle Caps
    1 AH Air Hose
    1 RLVAF-15 Low Viscosity Resin 15cc
    1 RMVAF-15 Medium Viscosity Resin 15cc
    1 RHVAF-15 High Viscosity Resin 15cc
    1 RCRAF-15 Long Crack Repair Resin 15cc
    1 RPF-15 High Viscosity Pit Filler 15cc
    1 FP Fender Protector
    1 VCHGR Vanish USB Charger
    1 VUSB Vanish USB Charging Cable
    1 TCS-SM Small Tech Case
    1 CFOAM-WIZLID CUSTOM Wizard Lid Foam
    1 CFOAM-WIZ Wizard Case Foam
    1 MANUAL Instruction Manual/ Training Link/ Catalog

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