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Sappolo Bond is a medium - high viscosity moisture curing modified polymer adhesive specifically formulated for automotive glass bonding (windscreen and body glass replacement).


As part of the new generation of Ultra High Quality Adhesives, Sappolo Bond combines the strength advantages of polyurethane and the durability of silicone. It inherits a long operating period, high modulus, high elasticity and resistant to UV contamination along with excellent weather resistant qualities. Supplied in 600ml sausage.



Sappolo MS Polymer Autoglass Adhesive - 600ml Sausage

GST Included
    • Conforms to FMVSS-212 Safety Standards
    • 60 minute safe drive away time (SDAT)
    • Single component
    • Isocyanate and solvent free
    • Odourless, neutral and fast curing
    • High modulus and high elasticity
    • Excellent UV resistance
    • Easy clean up
    • No need for priming
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