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Guide the windshield into the pinchweld aperture.


When guiding a new windscreen into the aperture, there is a risk of damaging the roof, dashboard, pinchweld wall or headliner if contacted during installation. This impact causes unnecessary damage, but because the adhesive has already been applied, it can also cause very difficult cleaning jobs.


Regardless of whether you are using an installation system, suction cups or by hand, the RL-eez aids are  extremely handy guides, attached with suction cups and can be used on almost any vehicle. This makes it possible to place the windscreen exactly in the correct position. Extra handy, of course, when you have to place the windscreen alone or has a difficult size/shape such as a wide curved glass where you can't see the opposite end of the glass.

RL-eez Windscreen Fitting Guides (pair)

SKU: 42015-2
GST Included
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