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Let's be frank. This is not the cord you would normally use to save glass. Use our ZipLine for that. Titan Cord was specifically designed to remove the most stubborn glass, break through every pin in it's way and keep cutting. When you need something that just does not break, grab your roll of Titan Cord and don't think twice.

GT Tools® Titan Cord™ Cutting Line

SKU: TC250
GST Included
    • Tensile Strength: 326 kg (720 lb)
    • ThinTech Diameter: 1.25mm
    • SlickZip™ Extreme Abrasion Resistant, Slippery Coating
    • Supplied in 76mtr (250ft) spools
    • Up to 15 removals per length
    • Synthetic Polymer construction
    • State-of-the-art material designed to eliminate auto body scratching
    • "No Load under Stress" - If the line breaks, it will not retract, spin, or coil
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