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Do you want to offer to restore your customer's headlights on their vehicle quickly? Or sell a pack to your customer to do it themselves? This introductory kit enables you to offer as a great add on service or is ideally packaged for a retail item to sell to your customers. Included in our Headlight Magic ONE Kit is everything you need to restore three to four sets of headlights or one to two sets of headlights, fog lights, and tail lights .


No power tools needed and no need to mask/tape bonnet or bumper! A great time saver. In just 10 minutes:


STEP 1:  Spray Headlight Magic on the lens

STEP 2:  Scrub lens with the sanding block (up to 5 minutes depending on discoloration)

STEP 3: Clean lens with cloth/rag & water

STEP 4: Slowly wipe on 3-year Titanium Stay Clear UV Coating


This product is for removing haze and oxidation, which covers the vast majority of discoloured headlights.

GT Tools® Headlight Magic™ ONE Kit

GST Included
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