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The Galaxy Auto Glass Wire Removal System is a single suction cup system and can use either wire or fibre/cord. The unit is very light, fast and works without any additional pulleys. It incorporates a built in ratcheting mechanism, while the spool that winds up the wire serves as a pulley for the corners at the same time.

Galaxy Auto Glass Wire Removal Kit

GST Included
    • Ratcheting Wire & Cord Glass Removal Tool
    • 1 x PFC25 25m Power Fibre Cord (Dia: 1mm, Tensile Strength 200kg)
    • 1 x SCW50 50m Square Steel wire in a dispenser (Dia: 0.6mm, Tensile Strength 180kg)
    • Wire Starter tool
    • 1 x PDP Dash protector for dash board, pillars & headlining
    • Tool box with EVA Foam Inlay
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