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The ONE MAN fitting device that fits all of the glass all of the time!


Click here for introduction video (including time-lapse setup)

Click here for real time HGV/truck large glass installation video


The Fit-Glass is a fully motorised glass removal and fitting system that enables a one man fit of windscreens, back glasses and panoramic roof glasses and assemblies weighing up to 40kg.

Unlike many other one man systems, you do not use the customer's vehicle or windows as a support. The foot of the frame sits underneath the customer's vehicle tyre.

The Fit-Glass system takes all the weight of the glass, eliminating any strain on the technician. With it's hand held speed controller fitted to the suction cup, the technician can control the precise fitting of the glass with ease and precision, even when it requires a below bonnet placement.


Watch the videos for a demo of a passenger car windscreen and a truck windscreen.


Pricing available upon enquiry.

Fit-Glass Windscreen Setting Device

GST Included
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