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The same content as the RL-eez kit, simply factory serviced after demonstration or training use.


The only 12 Volt windscreen removal tool with cordless remote control. Without the need for power drill or ratchet handle to wind the cord, it frees up the technician to view the entire cut-out from inside or outside the vehicle.


Controlled windscreen removal without damage
The exclusive Duobond® RL-eez system makes it possible to cut out windscreens,  quarter glasses and  panoramic roof systems from vehicles in a controlled manner. It puts an end to the physical effort of technicians  and significantly reduces the risk of paint damage.


Encrypted safety
The RL-eez windscreen removal system is controlled with a handheld transmitter. It sends an encrypted signal back and forth to the system to ensure a safe usage. With a range over 25 metres between system and remote control, the technician can view and control the removal process from inside or outside the vehicle.


Working with the RL-eez is simple and 12 Volt power eliminates physical effort. It gives technicians the ability to monitor the cutting process from inside or outside.



  • RL-eez winch
  • 1.7 meter wire with 12 Volt plug
  • Remote control
  • Case
  • 100 meter nylon cutting cord 1mm dia, 200kg Tensile Strength
  • Suction cup with anchor
  • Suction cup with pulley
  • T-Handle Wire Starter
  • Set of 2 Plastic Dash/A-pillar protectors

Ex-Demo RL-eez 12 Volt Auto Glass Removal Kit

SKU: XD-RL-eez
GST Included
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