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Premium quality Cerium Oxide with no bulking agents or clays. This ensures a quality polish.


Used in conjunction with GAP-FBW Felt Polishing Buff Wheel (sold separately) to polish out light scratches, water stains and blemishes in glass.


A scratch that you can catch with a fingernail is usually too deep to be removed entirely.


Also available in GAP-CO250 250gram tub 


Usage Instructions:

  • Mix with water to create a paste similar to milk in consistency
  • Apply to the polishing wheel until the wheel is damp
  • Use as required on the glass
  • Don't let the area dry out, as this may create excessive heat and distort the glass
  • Spray with water to keep the area damp while operating
  • Clean the area with a rag and repeat if necessary to either improve or remove the scratch or stain

Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder - 1Kg

GST Included
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